8 thoughts on “BuddyPress – WordPress Profile Syncronization

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    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure how much is being done on this. I’d suggest tracking through the BP ticket system, including the ticket I identified on the last page of this article.

      • Sorry, I realise my comment sounded very negative, especially in light of the fact that your article is the best explanation by far so far. I am wiser, thanks to you, but I suppose frustrated that these (basic) things ‘get in the way’ of setting up a working system. As a fan of BuddyPress who has spent many, many hours putting sites together and convincing users they will have a great system working for little outlay, I keep tripping up over ‘simple’ things like this. Can’t help feeling BuddyPress will be steamrollered by something else within a short while and that will be that. But I digress.

    • Hi Andy.
      I haven’t really followed what’s happening on this for a while now. What I do know is that I am still getting a steady trickle of interest, people reviewing this issue, on an ongoing basis. So my impression would be that the general issue remains.

      For myself, the issue came up as a function of trying to decide whether or not to use WP or Drupal as the basis for another site I was building. The handling of users and permissions was a factor that caused me to go with Drupal. I use WP for this blog, but this site doesn’t have the multi-party profile management issues so it’s not a problem here.

      If you do find a solution, or create one, feel free to provide a link and reference it here as a further comment. As people continue to search through here to investigate the topic I would be pleased to point them through to a more updated discussion and resolution.

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