SARL Framework


The SARL Framework is a Schema to help convey meaningful Meaning using Cyber.  A Foundation for a Borg Community: an ability to communicate about shared concerns relative to cooperative objects and processes using common schemas and scripts.

  •  Foundations
    • WISDM, 42010, DMAIC, ISM, Sowa KR 
  • Viewpoint Library
    • Frameworks & Methodologies
      • Individual methodologies and frameworks define concepts within their respective domains
      • SARL defines a version of consistency for similar and congruent concepts across domains
    • SARL Views are dynamically assembled as layered, integrated feature sets
  • Models
    • Models are defined as object type rules
    • Models have hierarchy in function and purpose
      1. The fundamental purpose of a model is to enforce a concern. The primary concern of an information system is quality of information.  In order to produce information from data there needs to be a regimen of quality control established over the data used to form the information.  The information is useful.  To be useful the data requires quality control1CSK inventory conversion story. Why it mattered, why it didn’t.. First level models for data is to declare a type.  The first requirement for information is to edit the data to conform to type.
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      2. Given a type, data type needs to be appropriate to object, process, schema and script contexts.
      3. Given conformance with contextual form, data needs to be appropriate to situation and intentions of concerned stakeholders.
  • Integrated Information Model
    • Security & Privacy Model 
    • Information Ownership Domain



Object Situation
Process Execution


Description Schema
History Script


Juncture Reason
Participation Purpose


Object Situation
Process Execution

SCS Framework


Reason Situation
Purpose Execution

SARL Framework