Themify Framework

Why Themify?

Themify offers a membership program for one or more collections of WordPress themes and plugins.  Their approach is distinctive, and it matches the general pattern and direction of new code that would otherwise have had to be developed for EATSv5.  Rather than build that code, we’ve acquired a LifeTime license for the Themify Framework as a methodology for the implementation of the SARL Schema in WP.

Themes and Plugins in WordPress are two distinct things.  The problem in terms of unification of concept is to coordinate the exchange of understanding of what is trying to be accomplished between the two domains as they have been created internal to WordPress operation.  Themes are used to present HTML content results to users as a result of having made get or post requests to a WordPress machine1A Cyber-physical system executing WordPress-based PHP logic to determine how to respond to hypertext messages in some hyperspace domain.Themes populate the presentation of results as panels, tables, and a variety of controls and actionable triggers.  Themes define how a cyber application looks and feels.

Plugins define and accomplish active engagement with gets and puts to filter and control content and accomplish  specialized functionality.  Plugins implement application functions.