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Under ConstructionIn most cases we will attempt to publish content in a finished form. Ideally a post or page should represent a complete thought before it is published. That doesn’t mean that there can’t or won’t be some editorial adjustments made after it is published. But the idea of a complete thought is fundamental. You (the reader) shouldn’t have to come back repeatedly to find out what the conclusion is. However, in some cases,it makes sense to put some material out onto the web site in public form before it is “finished.” (This Help section is a case in point.) There is utility to you, the reader, of material developed early to be made available early, before the remainder of the material is developed and ready for publication. Those cases should be marked with an “Under Construction” cone in the upper right hand corner similar to the cone you see in the right-hand corner of this section. Consider it a warning that what you are reading may be incomplete. We’re working on it. If you want to try to influence priorities or determine if specific material is in process to become part of the content, feel free to drop us a note using the Contact page.

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Navigating Multipage Content

Some blog entries and web pages may be configured to display as multiple distinct web pages. This is done for two reasons:

  1. It provides a way for people who are familiar with the entry and who may want to bookmark a specific part of the content to have a more focused link target that they can use to get closer to the specific part of the content that they are interested in.
  2. It makes reading long entries a little more like reading a book or a magazine. You can move from page to page with less material on each page, rather than needing to scroll down what might otherwise be a very, very long web page.

What you will see in these cases as you approach the bottom on the text for the post or page is something like one of the following images …

Multipage Navigation

Multipage Navigation Sample 1

Multipage Navigation

Multipage Navigation Sample 2

Multipage Navigation

Multipage Navigation Sample 3

Note that in each case, following the end of the content for the post or page, there is a “Pages 1 2 …” entry. Each page number other than the page you are currently viewing should be available as a hyperlink. To move forward, backward or to an arbitrary web page in the content for that post/page, simply click on the page numer of the page you wish to view next.

(It would be more consistent if the page link was always immediately below the end of the content, rather than being interrupted by the Rating, Share, and Likes material, but I can’t do a lot about that on without paying extra $ to be able to manipulate the CSS files. Sorry 😦 .)

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