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Under ConstructionPolicies fall into a couple of areas: legal and social. The formal place to look for the legal policies is in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. They may read like legal mumbo-jumbo, but that’s exactly why they exist: to deal with that aspect of our modern society. This discussion is primarily concerned with social policies and etiquette related to use of the site and technical policies that I’ve established on the site to deal with related issues. Knowing about some of the following policies may help to ease certain frustrations (e.g., why your email may have gone into the bit bucket). If you have questions or comments about anything you find here, please use the Contact page to bring it to my attention. (Please note the circular logic of sending me spam to complain about the loss of your spam email!)


  • I am really very interested in engaging in dialog related to the topics on this site, but I also am very opposed to spending any significant part of my time responding to, or dealing with spam. However, spam is a cost associated with our information age.