Branches of Science

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The following PlantUML figure develops a false error when relationships are added to the bottom of the specification set.

Applying the following set of relation causes the final [[/plantuml]] to reject the brackets as unrecognized and fails to process any of the data.

  Mathematics <|-- Physics
  Mathematics <|-- "Applied mathematics"
  Mathematics <|-- Statistics
  Mathematics <|-- Logic
  "Applied physics" <|-- Engineering
  Physics <|-- "Applied physics"
  Physics <|-- Astronomy
  "Chemical Physics" --|> Physics
  "Chemical Physics" --|> Chemistry
  Biochemistry --|> Chemistry
  Biology --|> Chemistry
  Medicine --|> Chemistry
  Biology <|-- Medicine
  Chemistry <|-- Geology
  Chemistry <|-- Geochemistry
  Geology <|-- Geochemistry
  "Theoretical Computer Science" <|-- "Computer science"
  "Natural / Pure Science" <|-- "Applied sciences"
  "Applied sciences" <|-- Technology
  Technology <|-- "Practice"