Security and Trust

Sacred Geometries

Security and Trust are vertices in a form of Sacred Geometry.  The apex of the web, as described by Berners-Lee, is Trust. eCoin, as described by bitCoin and ethereum, define Trust in cyber-money; which is misguided, although not wholly irrational.  Block-chain is one way to achieve a bookkeeping version of Trust using a form of minimalistic, computationally challenged schemes. There are also other ways.  We didn’t evolve based on a block-chain algorithm. 

PlantUML Syntax:
class security
class trust
class privacy
class identity
security --> trust : depends_on
privacy --> trust : depends_on
identity --> trust : depends_on
trust --> security : provides
trust --> privacy : provides
trust --> identity : provides

Hypothetically, we’re at a point of algorithmic quality on pure mathematical models, where we can back-calculate the evolutionary line of some reverse applied attribute of a quality we can all call human intelligence which distinguishes us as humans, from other animals; and makes us special in the Universe. No, we can’t.  Yes, we know the math.  No, we haven’t agreed to a definition of intelligence sufficient to run the calculations.

Intelligence is largely a matter of perception and cognition of attributes along a particular social pathway.  Intelligence is a scheme for survival and getting ahead; of which, there are multiple pathways; and there are multiple forms of intelligence1This is exactly the problem with questions such as “Are there other intelligent life forms in the Universe?” If there is life, how can it not be intelligent?.  Mechanical intelligence serves well in industry.  Emotional intelligence serves well in politics.  Intelligence requires both Awareness and Understanding.  Awareness is Situational.  Understanding is Learned through genetic or cultural inheritance, or by experience or education and related forms of knowledge sharing.

Symbols and concepts are tools we use to share knowledge at a meta-level as abstract knowledge about things.

Record a reflection ...

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