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Building Architected Futures™Welcome to ArchitectedFutures.info. I hope you find the site helpful and become motivated to return to track my progress and/or make use of the content I’m providing. The purpose of the site is to create a form of breadcrumb trail in my efforts to build a larger, more complex site using either Drupal or WordPress/BuddyPress technology. As I go about the task of building that other site, I’ve decided to document some of my discoveries about these technologies and my efforts on this blog. I hope the material will be useful to others. I specifically have two groups of people in mind:

  1. Developers or technical enthusiasts who are working with DrupalWordPress or BuddyPress and struggling to find answers to some of the same technical questions and issues that I’ve encountered. For you I hope I can save you some time researching technical issues and share some insights in terms of what I’ve found and how I’m approaching certain challenges.
  2. People who are looking for a mechanism to discuss similar issues as mine in terms of developing an online community. For you I hope I can share some insights related to what I’m attempting to do and how I plan to approach the task using DrupalWordPress, BuddyPress and my particular choices in plugin modules to create the overall environment.

If you are looking for answers and I can help you get closer to a solution, I’m glad to help. If you know better answers and you’d like to correct or improve what I’m saying … please feel free to offer your comments and suggestions.

If you have trouble with the features of the site, please view the Help page to check the site conventions. If you have questions, or suggestions on how to make the site or the help facility more useful, please use the Contact page to send me a note. If you like my content and want to track my progress, or become a member of my planned community, please subscribe to the blog using the widget on the right; or use the Contact page to send me a note. I’ll post major announcements here, but I can also send member invitations for the new site once the site goes online. Interest registered via the contact form will help me track potential member interest as I’m getting the site ready. Knowing your interests as expressed in a note will help me tailor both sites toward where the most people would like to see features and content.

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