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Subject: Architected Futures 

Section: (dot) Net Facility


Even though I had built and successfully implemented a variety of systems demonstrating critical parts of my envisioned tool suite multiple times during my career at Bank of America, the scale of the task of doing it as a commercial product became obvious as I worked on it over the years. On the other hand, the more I looked the more I began finding open source components that accomplished small pieces of what I wanted to do. Once I had the opportunity to really spend time on the project my eyes opened up in terms of emerging applied technologies, the sophistication of selected open source components, and opportunities for where the tool suite might go. I still don’t think I’ve seen another software tool suite that does what I’d like to do, but I’m finding a lot of maturity and leverage in the open source world that can be used to enable functions I didn’t think were practical, or possible. will be a platform for me to open source my ideas and concepts about the enterprise architecture tool suite. It will be “a community of practice web-site for people interested in using architectural engineering methods to manage the evolution of future environments.” It will be a platform where I and other members can pursue, develop and invite comment on a series of ideas involving futurism, architecture, sustainability, business planning and engineering, information technologies and related concepts. As part of that discussion it will host a proof-of-concept version of what I call the Enterprise Element Essential Effective Architecture Tool Suite™ (EATSv5™).

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